Classic Law Dawg: Superintendent garners grand prize

DEAR DAWG: Our school superintendent returned from his summer vacation tanned, healthy and fit as a fiddle.  We got the year off to a great start and all seemed to be well until last week. That’s when the local paper broke the story: SUPE WINS GRAND PRIZE AT NUDIST CAMP.  Seems the old boy spent a week at a “health resort” where clothing is optional.  Somehow he was tagged with the nickname, “Grand Prize.”  I don’t know what that means, but I don’t like the sound of it, Dawg.  The man has not responded to the newspaper story. He’s just holed up in his office, staring out the window, occasionally muttering things like “small towns breed small minds.”  He’s become the laughing stock of the town!  Can we fire him? Or can he claim a right of privacy for his nature romp? JUST CALL ME EM-BARE-ASSED.

DEAR JUST CALL ME: What the supe does on his vacation is his own business unless it creates such a stink that it causes him to lose effectiveness in the job.  Sounds like the man has been stripped of power.  Laid bare to the public.  You’ll need to look at his contract and board policy to determine what constitutes good cause for contract termination.  But whatever you do, don’t take away his Grand Prize.