What exactly is the Law Dawg's Ed Daily?

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A daily “Dawg Bone” highlighting and explaining legal developments
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New content will be posted weekdays, excepting school holidays, breaks, and a short summer hiatus.

JimWalsh2Jim Walsh, aka “The Law Dawg,” has written the popular “Law Dawg” column in the Texas School Administrators’ Legal Digest since the 1980s. He is the principal author of The Educator’s Guide To Texas School Law, which is now in its 8th edition. He is the author of The Law Dawg's Common Sense Guide To Special Education Law, The Law Dawg Unleashed column in Texas School Business Magazine, and the monthly newsletter This Just In. He co-founded the law firm of Walsh Gallegos Treviño Kyle & Robinson, P.C. and has practiced school law in Texas for over 35 years. Mr. Walsh has conducted inservice training at all 20 education service centers and hundreds of school districts. He has taught at Texas State, Baylor, and St. Edward’s University, and has spoken at state and national conferences all over the country.

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by Jim Walsh