A Female Dawg?

Hello, Dawg Readers. Jim warned you this change was coming, but I think it is important you understand from the beginning that while I will be resisting the urge to make the obvious dog gender joke in this instance, I cannot always be counted upon to resist such obvious low-hanging fruit. Consider yourselves warned.

The fact is, the Dawg will be speaking with not one but two female voices this summer: mine (Christine Badillo’s) and Jennifer Childress’s infinitely classier and smarter voice.  We are both WGTRK lawyers, both moms (we have seven children between us), and we are both hoping to make Jim proud and not get into too much trouble while he’s on vacation.

On this post-election Monday, some of you are probably considering what changes are in store for you and your school district this summer – one or two new trustees to work with or maybe even tens of millions of dollars in bond projects to commence.  If any of these prospects is as daunting to you as temporarily filling in for the legendary Jim Walsh is for me, let’s just take a moment and a deep breath and remind ourselves that this is going to be fun!  Or at least we can hope so.

Oh and btw, (Jim also promised you a younger voice) if for any reason you aren’t completely satisfied with this temporary change to Dawg Blog authorship, just don’t call Jim okay?  As we will see tomorrow, calling the 800 number doesn’t make you a whistleblower…


 Tomorrow: Toolbox Tuesday is also on a Break!