Outta here for a while….

 DEAR DAWG:  Rumor has it that you are heading out to pasture.  True?  SAY IT AIN’T SO.

DEAR SAY IT AIN’T SO: It ain’t so.  But what is true is that the Dawg is going to rest in the Dawg House for the next three months.  I’m taking a break from writing the Dawg as well as other professional duties for a bit.  There are exceptions to this.  I will be moderating and speaking at three Legal Digest conferences: on special education in San Marcos on April 26 and in Arlington on May 2; and at the principals’ conference in Austin on June 12.  Other than that, look for the Dawg at the local swimming hole, not in the office.

But we have good news for you readers!!  The Daily Dawg will be continued by attorneys Christine Badillo and Jennifer Childress, both of whom possess that combination of legal skills and sharp wit that produces good writing.  I think it’s high time that the Daily Dawg speak with a female voice, not to mention a younger one.  I am confident that the Dawg for the next three months will be relevant, helpful and occasionally funny.  A little snarky sometimes too.  So y’all enjoy.  As for me….I’ll be back in late July.