Top Five Things I’ve Learned Writing this Blawg

Happy Friday, Dawg Readers!  If you still have your Fridays off, I hope you enjoy your day.  If not, I hope you are getting excited for the start of a great school year!  I mentioned earlier this week that Jim is back, and starting Monday, he’ll be back on the Blawg.  I have truly enjoyed covering for him a little this summer, and I hope not too many of you have cancelled your subscriptions as a result.  Writing for the Dawg Blawg has reminded me for the thousandth time how great Jim is.  Not only is he an exceptional speaker, but he also writes about the law in a way that makes it seem easy and fun to read about.  Which it is not.  Unless Jim does it.

One of the things Jim does best is boil a long and complicated case or legal argument into the salient points that are worth knowing about.  In speaking, he often does this with a top ten or top five list.  So, to cap off the summer and welcome Jim back, here are the top five things I learned on the Blawg this summer:

5. That the less time you give people to edit your work, the less inclined they are to worry about your crude jokes.

4. That Berdoll Farms Pecan store in Del Valle has wifi. Long story, but I missed a bus back from Houston once and had to write my entry from the bench on their front porch.

3. That capitalization is hard. Is it the State?  Or the state?  The court or the Court?  These are time-consuming questions to answer.  And don’t get me started on capitalizing the headlines.  I’ve just been guessing.

2. That you really can get sued for anything. Or grieved at a minimum.

1. That I work for a law firm of kind and generous people who have given me lots of encouragement and support, who have tolerated my whining, and who have told me all your crazy (and privileged) stories this summer in support of this effort.