It’s June, so it must be summertime, right?  I know that the solstice doesn’t come until later this month, but it’s already hot as hell around here, so I’m going to call it summertime.  Also, school is out.  Oh…wait…maybe it’s back in.  Hard to keep track these days. 

But here’s one thing I know about this summer.  Besides figuring out how we will deal with re-opening of our schools and repairing the damage done, we need to spend some time this summer preparing for the newly revised regulations pertaining to Title IX.  So we are going to spend all week on that here at the Daily Dawg, and the Zooming with the Dawg this Friday will feature Title IX and your school policy. I am pleased to be joined in the Zoom call by Sarah Orman, an attorney at TASB, who can fill us in on what and when to expect changes in school board policy.

This week’s entries on Title IX are not just for Title IX Coordinators.  All campus administrators need to be up to speed on the new regs, so I hope you will be reading this week and Zooming with us on Friday.

On Wednesday I will be doing an On Demand Webinar with Haley Turner: Ten Things You Need to Know About the New Title IX Regulations.  This is the first of four webinars our firm is offering this month on Title IX, and will be a good starting point for you.  Register for one, or the whole series, at


Tomorrow: Toolbox Tuesday Tackles Title IX.