SB 748 on Transition

SB 748 deals with transition.  The transition provisions do not go into effect until the 2018-19 school year. They are:

1. Districts are required to be sure that parents and students are aware of “supported decision-making agreements” that are now available under the Texas Estates Code. This is a form of assistance many families will be interested in, as it is easier and less costly than obtaining guardianship or limited guardianship;

2. Issues to be discussed in conjunction with transition will include the use and availability of appropriate supplementary aids, services, curricula and other opportunities to help in developing decision-making skills. “Supported decision-making agreements” come up again in this context.

3. The Transition and Employment Guide is to be updated “in plain language” and parents and students must be notified of its availability. By the way—this Guide is supposed to be available on your district’s website. Is it?

4. State law now spells out the notice requirements for parents and students one year prior to age 18. TEA is to develop forms for this, and remember—all of this goes into effect in 2018-19, not this year.


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