Operating Guidelines! Get Your Operating Guidelines Here!!

As though October during a pandemic isn’t frightening enough, you are now facing a major deadline that is fast approaching.  TEA now requires your District to submit your new Special Education Operating Procedures by October 31.  What does this mean for you?  You must now provide your District’s description of how it satisfies all of its legal obligations under IDEA related to “Child Find,” “Evaluation,” and “FAPE,” and you must also make these procedures available on-line to the public.

At Walsh Gallegos, we can help.  You probably already have a set of OGs, but they may not satisfy all of the requirements now in place.  It will be important that these procedures be consistent with the law and recent legal precedent and describe your processes in a way that is legally defensible.  Keep in mind, your District’s procedures will now be posted on- line, and the frequency with which they will be used in litigation will likely increase.  Our lawyers understand the importance of getting this right and we stand ready to review your District’s existing operating procedures.  Alternatively, if you are interested in drafting new policies specifically tailored to your district’s needs, we now have Operating Procedure templates related to “Child Find,” “Evaluation,” and “FAPE” available for purchase. 

To speak with one of our special education attorneys about this contact us at the firm by telephone or email.   You can call any of our offices, or use the general number: 800-252-3405.  Or email one of our attorneys, or use the general mailbox at info@wabsa.com.  We welcome the opportunity to assist you with this project so that you can submit your Operating Procedures by October 31 with confidence.


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