Nana on the warpath…

Dear Dawg:  Will you please tell the numbskulls at Serenity Falls ISD about Lauren’s Law!  My grandson’s birthday was yesterday and I showed up at the school with my prize winning (County  Fair, 1997) cupcakes.  I’ve been doing this since he was in kindergarten, and this year I know that he and all of his 4th grade classmates were looking forward to a special treat.  It’s hard enough on the little ones sitting six feet apart, and wearing masks.  So I put a few extra sprinkles on each cupcake this year.

Then the heartless bureaucrats told me I could not distribute them this year. Coronavirus, doncha know.  No outside food.  Well! That just goes too far, Dawg. After all, we grandmas fought hard a few years ago to get the legislature to enact Lauren’s Law.  It’s at Texas Education Code 28.002(l-3) and it says:

The State Board of Education, the Department of State Health Services, or a school district may not adopt any rule, policy, or program….that would prohibit a parent OR GRANDPARENT of a student from providing ANY FOOD PRODUCT of the parent’s OR GRANDPARENT’S CHOICE to:  (A) children in the classroom of the child of the parent OR GRANDPARENT on the occasion of THE CHILD’S BIRTHDAY.

I don’t see how any law could be more clear, Dawg.  Please straighten these cupcake haters out.  NANA IS NOT TO BE TRIFLED WITH.

DEAR NANA: No one’s trifling with you, Nana.  You can file a complaint with the school district and take it up to the school board, where you may find some sympathetic fellow Nanas. Or they may not be so sympathetic. They may think that the cautious approach to overall health under these unusual circumstances is more important than your cupcakes, prize winning or not.  As far as the law, you left out some internal citations in Lauren’s Law.  They say that no one can adopt a rule pursuant to certain specific provisions in the Code dealing with curriculum. We think county health officials and local school officials retain the power to take action to limit the provision of food to students during the school day during this pandemic.  Lauren’s Law may just have to take a break this year.