No more 8.5%!

We knew this one was coming.  SB 160 tells the Commissioner that he must never again implement a system of monitoring schools by measuring how many, or what percentage, of students in the district are receiving special education services. Thus we mark the end of the controversy about the PBMAS indicator that targeted any district that identified more than 8.5% of its kids.

Thus we return to a fundamental principle of special education law: eligibility must be decided case-by-case, ARD meeting by ARD meeting, based exclusively on the evaluation data pertaining to that child. There should be no pressure, direct or indirect, from the district administration or from the state agency to make a particular child eligible, or not.

No one makes a child eligible for special education but the members of the ARD Committee. Not the parent. Not the principal. Not the president. Not the pope.


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Tomorrow:  A new and important decision about transgender students