Let’s look at some new laws!

We’re going to spend this entire week on new legislation. The big headline this session is HB 3 and its changes to school finance. But the lege did a lot of other things that will have a direct impact on the day-to-day. This week we will tell you about one new bill each day. Let’s start with HB 2184, which addresses the transition from DAEP back to the regular campus.

Here’s how it works. Let’s assume that Angela is due to depart DAEP on November 10, going back to Serenity Falls High School. The DAEP administrator will need to give the parent and the SFHS principal written notice of the date of Angela’s return to the regular high school. Also, the DAEP administrator will need to provide the high school principal with an “assessment of the student’s academic growth” while in the DAEP and the results of any assessment instruments that were administered.

The SFHS administrator must then “coordinate the student’s transition to a regular classroom.” This must be done within five instructional days after Angela’s release from DAEP. This coordinated effort must involve assistance and recommendations from 1) school counselors; 2) school district peace officers; 3) SROs; 4) CBCs; and 5) classroom teachers who are or may be responsible for implementing Angela’s “personalized transition plan.”

Yes, there must be a “personalized transition plan.” The campus administrator is responsible for developing this document. It must include recommendations for the best educational placement of the student, and it may include 1) recommendations for counseling, behavioral management, or academic assistance for the student with a “concentration on the student’s academic or career goals; 2) recommendations for assistance in obtaining access to mental health services provided by the district, a local mental health authority, or another private or public entity; 3) information to the parent about how to request a special education evaluation; and 4) a regular review of progress toward academic or career goals. If practicable, the campus administrator must meet with the parent to coordinate plans for the transition.

HB 2184 will be codified at Texas Education Code 37.023.


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