Attacks on patriarchy reported in Serenity Falls

Dear Dawg: Snort, here, Rip Snort. Intrepid Reporter. Friend of the Truth.  Dawg, the two new board members here in Serenity Falls ISD continue to seek to disrupt, if not overturn, the existing order.  This time it was an attack on the “patriarchal system that has kept its foot on the neck of women from the beginning of time.” Those are not my words. That’s from the resolution drafted by board member Misty Hope.  She made a motion asking the board to adopt the resolution, which was promptly seconded by her sidekick, Heather Soft.

The resolution was full of “whereases” too numerous to repeat, followed by this:

Therefore, be it resolved, that in the Serenity Falls ISD, all officers and employees will be required to cease and desist from any reference to young females as “girls” and will instead, use the term “pre-women.”

The motion was defeated, 5-2, but not before one of the designated GOBs (Good Ole Boys) had a little fun with it by asking Ms. Hope if she would accept a friendly amendment to state that males in the district would henceforth be referred to as “non-women.”  Ms. Hope was not amused.

We will keep you posted on further developments.  SNORT.

DEAR SNORT: Thanks! 


Back to the  Dawg House for the weekend, but we will bark again on Monday.