Just in time for two-a-days: a case involving a cussing coach!

Troup ISD proposed to terminate the contract of Coach Dennis Alexander.  This was based on allegations of improper use of physical force with kids, and improper use of the King’s English.  Yesterday we talked about the physical force, which the Commissioner concluded was sufficient to justify the man’s termination. But the Commissioner also made an important point about the use of profanity.

Witnesses in support of the coach claimed that he only “occasionally” used “relatively mild curse words.”  We’re not sure what words they were referring to, but the independent hearing examiner noted that “It is uncontroverted that [the coach] repeatedly used profanity, including F-bombs, G-D, and “get your f***in a**es over here.”

The asterisks are in the original, but we think you smart readers can figure this out. Besides, the asterisks will help us get past your school district’s filter!

This testimony being “uncontroverted” the coach’s lawyer had to come up with some justifications for such strong language.  The lawyer argued that 1) one student and an assistant coach were not offended; 2) the kids have heard this elsewhere; 3) other coach’s cuss too—in fact one was ejected from a game; and 4) an English teacher had assigned the reading of a book that included similar language.

Neither the hearing examiner nor the Commissioner found any of that persuasive.  The Commissioner put it this way:

The fact that a book used in an English class contained strong language is no excuse for Petitioner using equally strong language. Language that is appropriate in an English text may not be appropriate for a professional educator to use before students.  The fact that another of Respondent’s coaches was ejected from a game due to the use of foul language also does not excuse Petitioner. A one-time use of foul language in the heat of competition is not the same thing of [we think he means “as”] consistently using very foul language during practice.

Termination upheld.  The case is Alexander v. Troup ISD, decided by Commissioner Morath on May 20, 2016: Docket No. 023-R2-02-2016.


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