Cameras in the Classroom: Ready?

The Commissioner’s Rules pertaining to cameras in certain special education classrooms go into effect today.  So now that we have the statute and the rules, the next step is for you to have practical Operating Guidelines to follow.

I’m pleased to let you know that the attorneys in our law firm have developed such Guidelines.  The Guidelines provide detailed procedures pertaining to 1) requests for a camera; 2) notice to all the proper parties; 3) reports of an “incident”; 4) how to respond to the report of an “incident”; 5) access to the video by parents, educators and others, all in conformity with FERPA.

Our Operating Guidelines track the law and the new rules, but go well beyond that with detailed procedures to follow, sample forms, and some choices for you to make where permitted by the law.

The Operating Guidelines are available for a fee of $250 for our firm’s Retainer Clients.  You can order a copy for your district by contacting any attorney in the firm, or send an email to  For districts that are not Retainer Clients of the firm, the fee for the Guidelines is $500.

Tomorrow: Toolbox Tuesday! Do you need an expert to help you with a BIP?