It’s Election Day!

It’s normally “Toolbox Tuesday” around here, but today we take a break from that. Today is special.

I remember clearly where I was on this morning 56 years ago. Getting ready to go to school, I listened to the radio in our kitchen as I was having breakfast. It was election day—the first one I was aware of. I grew up in a neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago where just about everyone was Catholic, and almost all were Irish. So everyone I knew was in favor of the young, charismatic, Irish Catholic Senator from Massachusetts, John F. Kennedy.

Thus I was alarmed when the radio reported that a village in New Hampshire (Vermont? Maine? Someplace Up There) had already reported their votes, and they favored Nixon over Kennedy by 12-8. I turned to my mom in panic: “We’re behind!!” She seemed unperturbed, quietly assuring me “there are a lot more votes to be counted.”

Here’s hoping Texas has a record voter turnout. Here’s hoping for acceptance of the outcome, however that may be. Here’s hoping for the election of officials at all levels who will truly support public education. Let us all be grateful to live in a country where our votes matter.