Here’s a good idea: double TRS credit during pandemic!

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One other thing for today: now that the election is over it’s time to start lobbying the legislature in advance of the 2021 session.  The Dawg hereby proposes The Double Trouble Double Credit Bill.  This bill would give every educator who serves through the entire pandemic DOUBLE CREDIT for TRS purposes.  We talk a lot about how much we appreciate our teachers as well as all the other people who make our schools work.  So let’s do something about it!  Everyone acknowledges that serving in the time of the Great Pandemic has been twice as hard, at the least. So let’s do something practical to recognize the hard work of those folks.  Double TRS Credit starting with March 15, 2020 and extending through all of the 2020-21 school year.  And give the Commissioner the authority to extend it beyond then if it appears that we are not yet out of the woods.