First Day!

We’re Zooming with the Dawg this Friday—at 10:00a.m.  Be there!  I’ll be talking to my partner, Kelley Kalchthaler, about COVID and the legal issues that are popping up as school begins.

Is today the first day in your school?  I’m guessing it’s sometime this week, although I know that some districts have already started.  We were all hoping that this year’s “first day” would be different from last year’s.  We were hoping that the scourge of COVID would be over by now and we would just happily return to real live in-person school without masks, without distancing, and without fears.  But we’re not there. 

So it’s likely to be a more stressful opening day than usual.  Nevertheless, here we go!

On the first day, you begin to create the story that will be The School Year of 2021-22.  So the Dawg is sending Positive Vibes to that brand new teacher who courageously stands in front of a roomful of children for the first time. Who knows—it could be the start of a 35 year career!

And Positive Vibes to that 57-year old teacher who almost retired last year but decided to give it One More Lap Around the Track before gassing up the RV with the spouse for that tour of America’s national parks.  Retirement can wait one more year.  Make it a good one. 

Positive Vibes to all of the seniors as they begin their final year of public education.  They will create the story of this year for the Class of 2022, along with many memories to be recalled when they gather in 2032 for the 10-year reunion. 

Positive Vibes to all of the bus drivers—the Secretaries of First Impressions.  Swing that door open and look to your right with a big smile as the children climb on board.

Positive Vibes to that brand new assistant principal who has been in the classroom for six years, and now faces a new challenge.  An administrator!  I also pass along my usual advice to A.P.s: about halfway through this school year you should re-watch Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and see if you aren’t a little more sympathetic with Principal Ed Rooney this time.

Positive Vibes to the brand new superintendent, and to the oldtimer who was persuaded by the board to hang on until the construction project is completed.

Positive Vibes to that new lawyer, taking the first phone call from a school administrator seeking advice.

Let’s make it a good one, Loyal Daily Dawg Readers. We can do this.


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