Cyberbullying and “bullycide” addressed in SB 179

S.B. 179 is a sweeping piece of legislation addressing cyberbullying and related issues.  This includes what has now come to be known as “bullycide”—situations in which students commit suicide after a pervasive campaign of bullying.

All educators should pay attention to this one.  If passed, this bill would make it clear that the school district has the authority to deal with “cyberbullying” that occurs entirely off campus if it “interferes with a student’s educational opportunities; or substantially disrupts the orderly operation of a classroom, school, or school-sponsored or school-related activity.”

The bill defines “bullying communication” to include expression that “urges or incites the recipient to commit or attempt to commit suicide.”  It imposes liability for any person who engages in “actionable bullying” aimed at a person younger than 18.  It also imposes liability on the parent of a child who engages in actionable bullying, even if the parent knew nothing about it.

This is a lengthy, sweeping bill addressing many sensitive issues. We will write more about it next week.  For now—go to and take a look at SB 179.


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