BTS 2020: More topics that will be addressed . . .

The annual Back to School program, sponsored by ED311 is just around the corner. This year we are presenting remotely on four consecutive Wednesdays in September.  Yesterday I gave you a sneak preview of the content for the first two sessions, which are devoted to two legal issues that are particularly timely: how to cope with Covid-19, and how to implement the brand new Title IX regulations. 

The other two sessions will feature the typical content of the BTS program—what lessons can we learn from the court cases that have been decided over the past year.  Here’s the preview:

September 23:   THE MOST IMPORTANT CASES OF THE PAST YEAR AND WHAT THEY MEAN FOR TEXAS EDUCATORS.  We have important rulings from the U.S. Supreme Court, the 5th Circuit and elsewhere that will have a direct impact on the day-to-day operation of your public school.  In this lively and informative presentation, the Law Dawg will explain the judicial rulings with an emphasis on practical application.  Topics to be addressed include student free speech, student discipline, liability of educators, and the latest on gay, lesbian, and transgender employees and students.

September 30:  OUR ANNUAL REVIEW OF CASES INVOLVING SPECIAL EDUCATION AND SECTION 504.  High level courts continue to issue important rulings interpreting IDEA and Section 504.  This presentation will feature the Law Dawg providing a review of the most important cases and their implications for day-to-day school operations.  The emphasis will be on the practical aspects of student discipline, ARD Meetings, evaluations, serving students with dyslexia, the meaning of “FAPE” and other issues, including potential areas of liability.

Court cases are to lawyers what Biblical parables are to preachers. They tell a story and carry a lesson.  That’s what we will emphasize in these presentations: what lessons can we learn? 

Hope to see you there. Sign up via ED311 at