Will the feds pay for the education of undocumented students?

S.B. 923 would return us to the days when children who are not legally residing in the State of Texas would not be entitled to a free public education. I know what you are thinking, Loyal Daily Dawg Readers. You are thinking “We can’t do that! The Supreme Court has decided this issue. See Plyler v. Doe! We read about this in the Daily Dawg!”

Exactly right. Since 1982 it has been established law that a state law barring such children from the benefits of public education would violate the U.S. Constitution. The author of S.B. 923 is attempting to get around that roadblock by inserting a clever provision that would require the admission of undocumented children as long as the federal government agreed to pay for them. The bill also would require T.E.A. to try to work out an agreement with the feds whereby they would agree to pay for the education of these children.

Can I see the hands of all those who think that the federal government will agree to facilitate a state’s desire to violate the Constitution?

Thought so.


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