Why does a school district need a lawyer????

That used to be a pretty common question.  Not as much anymore, but I do still hear that question. By way of answer, here’s what was reported in a recent weekly summary of developments from the National School Boards Association via their excellent Legal Clips service:

*A student in California was awarded $1.25 million by a jury based on the time her sub teacher forced her to urinate in a bucket rather than taking a bathroom break.  At least you have to acknowledge that it’s good to see a case that involves bathrooms but not transgender students.

*Another California district settled a case for $300,000 involving two students who alleged they were coaxed into participating in a drug sting.

*A parent in California sued the district alleging that staff negligently put bleach in her daughter’s feeding tube. I know what you’re thinking: what the heck is going on in California????

*The Voting Rights Act lawsuit filed on behalf of Asian Americans in Coppell ISD was voluntarily withdrawn so that the parties could work toward a solution. The suit says that Asians in Coppell outnumber the anglo students—signs of changing demographics in Texas.

*An Ohio district settled a case brought by the ACLU on behalf of a sub who alleged he was fired for his politically motivated Facebook posts.

Lots going on, as usual.