What if we have to ask an unruly parent to leave the stadium tonight?

Dear Dawg: I’m not saying this is going to happen, but just in case…..what happens if we have a parent who gets a little out of control at the football game tonight?  Now this probably won’t happen, but let’s just say that the quarterback throws three interceptions in the first half, just like he did last week…and the week before. And let’s just say that this time, the coach benches the kid and puts in the second stringer.  And let’s just say that maybe the first string QB’s dad played QB at a Big 12 school and thinks he has forgotten more about football than our coach ever knew. And so let’s just say, for the sake of argument, that this former Big Time Big 12 Big Shot QB gets loud, boisterous, unruly with his verbal attacks on the coach. Let’s just suppose it goes way past “I disagree with that decision!” and involves certain words that we tell the kids they are not supposed to use.  Let’s say there are even threats of physical violence.  Can we ask this gentleman to leave the premises?  JUST HYPOTHETICALLY SPEAKING….

DEAR JUST HYPOTHETICALLY:  In answer to your just hypothetical question, we would say that: Yes, you can ask the gentleman to leave. But remember that we have a new law in place this year.  SB 1553 deals with ejection from the property of a person who “behaves in a manner that is inappropriate for a school setting.”  The law does not say if it applies to extracurricular activities, but it deals with “property under the district’s control.” So we think that means your football stadium tonight. If this new law does apply, then remember: you have to give the QB’s dad—I’m sorry, the “hypothetical QB’s dad—a verbal warning. If he fails to get under control, you can eject him but have to give him “written information about the appeal process.”  Get one of those little laminated “YOU ARE EJECTED” cards that your assistant principals are carrying around this year.

Better yet: let’s hope that your QB completes all of his passes tonight.