Welcome to 2017!

Welcome back, Readers!  I hope you had a restful and enjoyable break, and are ready to tackle the challenges of the new year with enthusiasm.  2017 promises to be a doozy.  We have the legislature coming to town, a broken school finance system, a new president on the way with a Secretary of Education who favors charter schools and wide open choice more than traditional schools.  Supporters of public education have their work cut out for them.

Here at Daily Dawg HQ, as we enter our third year of daily blogging, we will continue to seek to serve our mission: helping the people who help the kids, by providing timely, relevant, practical and easily understood information about legal issues.   I’ll keep writing. I thank you for keeping reading.


By the way, I am doing an audio conference on special education discipline next Wednesday, January 11.  This will be from 10 to noon.  I hope to provide good, practical information, much of it drawn from our firm’s Toolbox workshop.  So sign up!  Go to www.walshgallegos.com

 Tomorrow: Are your special ed numbers going down?