We have lots of good schools for girls. Where are the schools for boys?

U.S. News and World Reports has issued its annual ranking of the best public high schools in the country.   As I scanned through the rankings of Texas schools, two things stood out.  First, most of the highest ranking schools have a special focus.  Kudos to Dallas ISD which had the top three schools, all of which have a special focus: Talented and Gifted, Young Women’s Leadership, and Science and Engineering Magnet.  Austin ISD’s Liberal Arts and Science Academy made the list, as did schools for health professionals in Houston ISD and Northside ISD. The Judge Barefoot Sanders Law Magnet was Dallas ISD’s 4th entry in the list at #7 in the state.

So it looks like having a special purpose is a good thing, at least as U.S. News ranks the schools.

The second thing that stood out was the single gender schools.  But there is a problem. There are five schools for young women among the top 17 schools in the state: The Irma Rangel Young

Women’s Leadership School in Dallas ISD; Young Women’s College Prep Academy in Houston ISD; The Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders in Austin ISD; The Young Women’s Leadership Academy in San Antonio ISD; and The Young Women’s Leadership Academy in Fort Worth ISD.

Congratulations to those districts for having the courage and commitment to set up and support these outstanding programs for our female students. But where are the schools for boys?

Boys are overrepresented in special education. They are overrepresented in DAEP. There are many indicators at many levels in our society that boys are more likely to suffer from “failure to launch.” Why all the good schools for the girls, and nothing on this list for the boys?

Asking for a friend.