We can’t get the camera in the classroom installed on time!

Did you know that T.E.A. can help you out if you are about to miss the deadline on installing a surveillance camera in the special education classroom? Once a parent has requested a camera in a self-contained unit there are deadlines. But you know how things are these days with supply chain problems and many vendors understaffed. Pflugerville ISD asked T.E.A. for an extension of the timeline, “asserting that it could not procure the necessary equipment to timely install the camera despite diligent attempts to do so.”

But here’s the wrinkle. Asking for this kind of help is not as simple as calling the Commissioner and saying “Yo, Commish! How about a little more time?” No. You must request an “expedited review” as per T.E.C. 29.022(m)(2). That’s what Deborah Reeder, the Director of Special Education in Pflugerville did, and the request was granted. Nicely done, Deborah!

This short decision carries Docket No. 030-R10-04-2022 and was signed by the Commissioner on May 6, 2022. The name is In Re Pflugerville ISD. The Commissioner noted that this is the first such matter to come before the Agency. There will likely be more.


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Tomorrow: reading the contract carefully.