Wayback Machine! The McCarthy Era in Texas schools!

The Dawg is indebted to Stacy Castillo from our firm’s San Antonio office who recently came across a copy of the “Non-Subversive Oath” signed by a teacher in the Dallas ISD.  Not recently!  Neither Dallas nor any other district is requiring such things today, but the Oath is a reminder of how things were during the Red Scare days of the McCarthy Era. 

This Oath is in the form of an affidavit, authorized by HB 21 of the 1953 legislative session. The signer of this Oath is swearing that he or she “is not, and has never been a member of the Communist Party.”  Moreover, affiants must swear that they have not been a member of any organization which the Attorney General “has designated as totalitarian, fascist, communist or subversive.”

Ye Gods!  Surely this Oath was struck down by a court at some point.  Anyone out there know about that? If so, let me hear from you!

And pass this along to the Social Studies teachers! Good history here.


Tomorrow: can you restrict parent communication with the school?