Toolbox Tuesday!! What’s with the “Thinking Flow Chart”?

Participants in Toolbox Training get a book and two laminated sheets. One of those is a “Thinking Flow Chart.” I have to admit that the existence of this chart represents a failure on my part. I wanted to create one of those colorful diagrams educators are so good at creating with squares and diamonds and circles and different colors and arrows taking you from one decision to the next. I tried to reduce the entire Toolbox to something like that, but eventually gave up on it. The concession prize was the Thinking Flow Chart which contains no color, no shapes, no arrows. It’s visually boring, but the best that I could do.

The idea behind it is to pursue options in a logical sequence. So we start with “Did the student violate the Code of Conduct?” We then proceed to Preliminary Questions, such as “Is this a case involving ‘Special Circumstances’?”

You get the idea.

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