Toolbox Tuesday!! The Quiz!

We like to end our Toolbox presentations with a quiz to reinforce some of the “takeaways” from the presentation. Here’s one of the questions:

Which Tool is the Most Important Tool?

A. Tool One: if it works, you can put the Toolbox away.
B. Tool Five: it's the principal's Tool, and principals need all the Tools they can get.
C. Tool Seven: because we enjoy talking about The FAPE-Free Zone.
D. Tool Eight: because it's the most complicated.

There is truth in all of those answers. But the correct answer is Tool One. Developing and implementing a BIP is the most important tool because it is the only Tool designed to improve student behavior. The rest are more about managing and coping.

As we reach the end of another lap around the track, here’s hoping you have a BIP in place for yourself this summer. Here’s hoping it includes some meaningful R&R.  It’s been a tough year, a third COVID year.  We continue to believe that all certified educators should get double TRS credit during COVID years, and we eagerly wait to see if Governor Abbott or Beto will embrace the idea. Who knows: it could swing the election.


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Tomorrow: got a GPA dispute?