Toolbox Tuesday: Old School v. New Ideas

On Tuesdays here at the Daily Dawg we focus on The Toolbox, our firm’s all-day training program regarding discipline of students with disabilities.  Today a reminder: you can use Restorative Practices right alongside the Toolbox.  In fact, I encourage that. 

This came to mind recently when I spoke at the Restorative Practices conference in Irving sponsored by ED311 and the National Educators for Restorative Practices.  It was inspiring to see hundreds of educators coming together to learn more effective ways to deal with problematic behaviors.  I’ve been a proponent of Restorative Practices for many years, as I think it teaches kids the most important “career readiness” skills they will need. 

So a reminder today for all of you who have gone through Toolbox training. The Toolbox is Old School. It’s based on the existing federal regulations that outline what options are available when students in your special education program engage in misconduct.  Many of those options are “exclusionary,” such as out of school suspension, or placement in DAEP. Those options are available and it’s important that you know how and when they can be used.  But your options are never limited to the ten tools we offer in The Toolbox. Restorative Practices are always available.


Tomorrow: Round Three in the William/dyslexia saga.