Toolbox Tuesday!! New Legislation!

Are you the campus behavior coordinator for your school?  You are?? Congratulations!! Your name and contact information is going to be posted on the district’s website! This is due to SB 1306:

A school district shall post on the district’s Internet website, for each district campus, the e-mail address and dedicated telephone number of a person clearly identified as: (1) the campus behavior coordinator designated under Section 37.0012.  T.E.C. 26.015.

The Dawg knows what you are thinking about that.  “We don’t like this.  This will overburden our already overburdened CBCs.  We’ll just put a sentence in our District of Innovation plan to exempt ourselves from the requirement to name a CBC.”

Looks like those smarty pants legislators are one step ahead of you.  They added this:

Or, (2) if the district has been designated as a district of innovation under Chapter 12A and is exempt from the requirement to designate a campus behavior coordinator under Section 37.0012 under the district’s local innovation plan, a campus administrator designated as being responsible for student discipline.  T.E.C. 26.015.

Somebody’s name, email address and phone number (work—not cell) is going to be on your district’s website. Congrats, CBCs!


Tomorrow: More new laws.