Toolbox Tuesday!! Legislation about bullying?

The 2021 legislative session did not make many changes regarding student discipline.  Last Tuesday we told you about the major bill, HB 785, that addresses FBAs, BIPs, time-out and restraint.  The only bill that addressed bullying to emerge from this session was SB 2050.  It requires that your board add some things to the existing policy on this subject.  In particular, the policy must address the prevention and mediation of bullying incidents between students, and must meet certain standards established by TEA. Those standards will focus on school climate, and building healthy relationships between students and staff; require a committee for each school campus; require instruction for students at each grade level; emphasize student reporting of incidents; require the collection of data through annual student surveys; and require districts to develop a rubric or checklist to assess an incident of bullying and to determine the district’s response.  Bullying incidents, including cyberbullying, will be required to be reported through PEIMS for schools and open enrollment charters.


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