Toolbox Tuesday!! It’s Law Day!

 Did you know that May 1 is Law Day?  Well, it is.  So you should find a lawyer to hug.  Surely you know a lawyer who deserves a hug.  But even the lawyers who don’t “deserve” a hug would welcome one.  So give thanks for living in a country governed by the law, where we resolve our disputes in a (mostly) peaceful and non-violent way.

On top of it being Law Day it is Toolbox Tuesday—a great day for me to remind you that the Toolbox provides ten “tools” that comply with our special education laws and enable campus administrators to serve students appropriately while maintaining safety for all.

It’s Law Day.  It’s Toolbox Tuesday.  It’s the Dawg’s birthday.  So if you bump into me, I should definitely be the lawyer that you hug.  In lieu of that, cash contributions in any denomination always welcome.


 Tomorrow: Not the best way to start off in kindergarten….