Toolbox Tuesday? I think not.

We reserve Tuesdays here at the Daily Dawg for the Toolbox—our firm’s one day training program dealing with the discipline of students with disabilities.  But here we are “sheltering in place” and the kids are not in school.  Let’s take a break!  So instead of Toolbox Tuesday, today I offer the quiz on American History that I created for my 11-year old grandson.  See how you do:

1.  Who is the only U.S. President from the 20th Century who served as a public school teacher?

2.  What U.S. President also served on the Supreme Court? What baseball tradition did he start?

3.  What is the Compromise of 1820?  Who was the primary architect of the compromise?  What famous 20th Century athlete is he related to?

4.  Who was our shortest president?  Tallest?

5.  Who was the first woman to be nominated by a major party as a candidate for President or VP?

6.  When was the first presidential election in which women could vote?

7.  What is “Seward’s Folly”?

8.  Who is the U. S. President who became so disabled that his wife effectively served as president for awhile?

9.  Who was America’s first Catholic President?  Who was the first Catholic to be nominated for president by a major party? What year?

10.  “The Father of Waters flows once again, unveiled to the sea.” Who said it?  What was he talking about?



Tomorrow:  A “study your shoes” moment.