Toolbox Tuesday!! A New Year!

You’ve probably already noticed it, but this is a new calendar year—2020!!  You’ve probably also already noticed that we have begun the spring semester—that time of year when tempers get short, voices get raised, expletives are uttered and violence occasionally occurs.  And we’re not talking only about the teacher’s lounge. Sometimes the students disrupt school activities. Sometimes the students who do this are in your special education program.  If you face that situation, you need to know about our firm’s Toolbox.

The Toolbox takes the complex and confusing federal regulations that address the discipline of students with disabilities and breaks them down into an understandable and usable framework.  The Toolbox is designed for campus behavior coordinators as well as special education staff who seek to do the two things the law requires: first, maintain a safe school; second, continue to serve students who are disruptive or violent.  The Toolbox offers ten “tools” that the school can use, ranging from a BIP (The Most Important Tool) to calling in the cops. It’s an all-day training program that comes with a book and a couple of laminated charts to help you remember what you’ve learned. 

If interested, send me an email and we’ll set something up.


Tomorrow: was that free speech or a “true threat”?