Toolbox Tuesday!!

The ol’ Toolbox is getting rusty.  It sits in the garage, unused for too many months.  So today we offer a reminder: we can do the Toolbox in a virtual environment.  It might not be as fun, but it can be effective.  The Toolbox is an all-day training focused on serving students with disabilities properly, even when they present challenging behaviors.  The Toolbox comprises ten “tools” that comply with the law and provide flexibility to school administrators. 

We can easily provide Toolbox trainings via Zoom or some other online platform.  A full day on Zoom might be a bit much but consider these options: a two-hour overview; or the entire Toolbox, including the book and laminated cards, in four two-hour segments. 

If your staff has had Toolbox training, an update can be done.  If you’ve never done the Toolbox and are interested, let me hear from you. 


Tomorrow: did the charter school properly execute the contract?