Thin slice your gratitudes…

How do you like your deli meat sliced? I always ask for it to be “thin sliced.”  The Black Forest Ham just tastes better that way.

I’m cultivating the habit of “thin slicing” my sense of gratitude also.  This means that I am consciously thinking of and openly expressing gratitude for the thousands of little things and brief moments that so often pass by without notice.  So rather than the usual: (grateful for good health, family, a sunny day, etc.), I try to get more specific.

That one bird just outside my window.

The absence right now of obnoxious leaf blowers disturbing the silence.

The high note that Diana Ross hits in Baby Love.

The absence of pain in my knees when I go up and down stairs.


That time when Vince Young crossed the goal line against USC.

That my mom was a teacher.

Steve Kornacki.

The way some dogs wag their entire bodies.

That toddler reaching up to hold her daddy’s hand.

The vocabulary I learn from watching British crime shows.

Speaking of British shows: Ted Lasso.

Speaking of vocabulary: dictionaries.

Self-checkout at the HEB.

How the people who work at Home Depot don’t mention what an idiot I am until after I leave the store.

The Daily Dawg will be taking a break next week.   We will resume on November 30th.  I know most of your schools will be closed next week, and so I wish you a time of rest and renovation.  We sure need it!  And let’s remember: despite all that has happened in 2020, we have much to be grateful for.