The Doe family is at it again

We continue to caution you about the high risk of litigation involving anyone in your district named “Doe.”  The latest example happened in Humble ISD where a “John Doe” filed suit against the district alleging that his assignment to DAEP, which he characterized as “School Jail” violated his constitutional rights. 

It didn’t.  The court noted that the 5th Circuit had long ago established that an assignment to DAEP does not deprive the student of his right to an education.  Moreover, when you allege sex discrimination in violation of Title IX you have to say more than “this was sex discrimination in violation of Title IX.” Courts describe that as a “conclusory” allegation, rather than a factual one. 

Case dismissed.  Doe v. Humble ISD, decided by the Southern District of Texas on July 22, 2019. We found it at 2019 WL 3288385. 


Tomorrow: A case for the Sheesh-O-Meter.