The Dawg’s Faux Pas…(Faux Paw?)….

We have a tradition in the law firm’s Austin office that we call Football Friday.  On Fridays in the fall, people are encouraged to wear a T-shirt or jersey representative of their favorite college or pro football team.  So we see a lot of what you would expect in a Texas office—Longhorns and Aggies both well represented, along with a smattering of others.  Some (me) like to remind people that it’s still baseball season, so I sometimes wear (with pride) my Houston Astros 2017 World Series Championship gear. 

So a couple of weeks ago  I was walking down the hall of our office, sipping morning coffee when I saw a woman wearing a Pittsburgh Steelers jersey, number 22 with the player’s name on it: GAY.  In a voice I immediately realized was too loud I asked “Who’s Gay?”

Oops.  Heads popped up from computers all over the office. 

I later learned that William Gay was a cornerback for the Steelers, and is now the defensive backs coach for the Missouri State Bears. So I don’t need to ask that question anymore.


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