The COVID-19 Special Education Recovery Act

SB 89 requires an IEP supplement for any student who was served in special education for either or both of the “COVID Years”—2019-20 and 2020-21.  The supplement must include 1) if the FIIE was completed during either of those years, and if so, if it was done on time; 2) if the initial IEP was developed during either of those two years, and if so, if it was done on time; 3) whether special services for the student, during either of the two years, were “interrupted, reduced, delayed, suspended, or discontinued; and 4) whether compensatory services are appropriate based on the first three factors “or any other factors.”  This supplement is not required if the student’s IEP for 2020-21 already addresses these four factors.  These supplements must be completed for each child subject to this section by May 1, 2022.  The provisions in the Education Code that limit what can be required to be put into an IEP do not apply to these supplements.


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