That time I called the other lawyer a bozo….

I’m not proud of it, but it has made for a good story.  It was a long and ard-uous ARD meeting, mostly due to the fact that the honorable opposing counsel insisted on asking the same question over and over and over and over. I think many of you have been in such situations.  The guy was messing up my vision for the day.  The meeting was in a district about two hours east of Austin. It was a gorgeous fall day.  My plan was to drive back to Austin, into the sunset, enjoying the fabulous fall weather. I had my soundtrack ready to play.

But the meeting went on and on and on and on.  I saw the sun slipping down in the western sky, my vision for the day setting along with it. That’s when I spoke up.  I don’t recall the exact words except for the last two: “….you bozo.” 

There followed this exchange:


LAW DAWG: Are too.

OC: Am not.

LD: Are too.

HIM: Not.

Me: Are.

PRINCIPAL:  Let’s take a little break!

I felt embarrassed at my sudden loss of professional decorum.  Bozo and his client had left the room, so it was just me and the school staff there. I apologized, hoping I had not embarrassed the district. And the principal said, “Not at all, counselor.  We liked it.” 

This gave me a good insight into the heart of today’s Texas educator.  However, I have refrained from such personal insults since that day.


Tomorrow: Due process and the DAEP.