Suggestions for MLK Day….

We’re Zooming with the Dawg this Friday!! I hope you will join me, along with special guest Haley Turner. Among other things, we will talk about the firm’s upcoming HR Symposium. 

Today we honor Dr. King.  That means it’s a good day to re-read some of the reverend’s inspired writings.  The “I Have a Dream” speech gets the most attention, but I encourage you to also read Letter from a Birmingham Jail.  The Dream speech is inspiring with its aspirational vision of the future that Dr. King hoped for.  The Letter from the Birmingham Jail is more thought provoking, more challenging.  It’s unsettling in its blunt criticism of those who counsel endless patience with an unjust system. 

But I have one more recommendation for you.  Last year a Texas native published a book containing a series of short essays about her experiences growing up in East Texas, and specifically about being the first African-American student in the Conroe ISD.  This would be an excellent book study for a school faculty group, or as an assignment to students. The book, On Juneteenth, is a series of short essays by Dr. Annette Gordon-Reed who is now a professor at Harvard.  I hope you’ll take a look at it.


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