Sad day….

This was supposed to be the first day of school.  Maybe it still is, but….it’s not the same.

We have a tradition in the Walsh Gallegos law firm of posting pictures of the children and grandchildren of firm employees as they head off for the first day of school.   It’s so inspiring and heartwarming to see all those bright, shiny faces with sharpened pencils and new lunch boxes, backpacks affixed, ready to take on a new year of education.  It’s particularly nice to see siblings lined up together as the taller one heads for middle school, the shorter one to kindergarten.

This year, what will we see? Sad faces staring blankly at a computer screen?

Bummer.  I’ve got nothing else to say today.  Just bummer. Sad.  Hope this will end sometime soon.


Tomorrow: BTS 2020 on the horizon!