Rip Snort Exclusive: the Dawg errs.

DEAR DAWG: Snort, here. Rip Snort.  Intrepid Reporter. Friend of the Truth.  Dawg, your Intrepid Reporter confronts you with an error in an earlier post.  On December 6, 2021 you reported that the case involving the Pledge of Allegiance in Klein ISD was over, that all defendants had been dismissed.  Wrong.  The case against the classroom teacher who allegedly required the student to write the words to the Pledge has not been dismissed. This was first reported by Loyal Daily Dawg Reader Joe Ball of the TASB Legal Staff. What say you now?  SNORT.

DEAR SNORT:  We tuck our tail between our legs, Snort.  You are right. Put an E in the score book: “E-Law Dawg.”  Many thanks to Joe Ball who is not only a LOYAL Daily Dawg Reader, but also a diligent one.  To be accurate about the case, all defendants except for that one classroom teacher have been dismissed. The district has been dismissed. Left twisting slowly in the wind is the classroom teacher who assigned the students with the task of writing the words of the Pledge.   His plea for dismissal on the basis of qualified immunity was denied, much to the dismay of many of the 5th Circuit judges.  So the case continues. 


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