Ready for another lap around the track?

It’s the first day of school for my grandkids as it is, I suspect, for most of the children in the Texas public school system. So here we go again!

Are you ready?  I hope so, but the fact is that your readiness or lack thereof will not factor into what is about to happen. Ready or not, it’s going to happen!  So take a deep breath, express gratitude for the opportunity to serve our children, and show up. 

On the First Day of School I always envision that first year teacher, facing a class full of students for the first time. That new assistant principal, dealing with discipline issues and family drama as an administrator.  That new superintendent. That new school lawyer. And, of course, that veteran who has agreed to stay on for one more lap around the track.

At Walsh Gallegos we are committed to helping the people who help the kids. We do so with enthusiasm and gratitude for the opportunity to work alongside great people, and to help preserve our public school system.  Let’s do this.


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