Planning to build? Let me introduce you to The FAB Group!

At Walsh Gallegos we call them “The FAB Group.”  Is that because they are FABulous?  Well….they are FABulous but that’s not why we call them the FAB Group. These are the lawyers who deal with Facilities And Business—FAB.  If you are considering a bond issue, or already in the process of planning for construction, we have lawyers who can help. 

Next Wednesday we are offering a webinar that will highlight many of the complex legal issues that arise in the process of bond planning and construction. Here are the details:

DATE and TIME:  May 17, 10:00 a.m.

TOPIC: The Administrator’s Guide to Bond Planning and School Construction Projects

PRESENTERS: Stacy Castillo and Eddy Perez

How can you inform voters about the plans for bond proceeds without advocating for or against? When do you have to separate items on the election ballot?  How should you approach construction contracts? 

This will be an excellent introduction to the issues that you need to be thinking about.  Sign up at


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Tomorrow: whittling away on 504 and Title IX….