Pennsylvania case scores high on the Sheesh-O-Meter….

Educators: have you ever been verbally abused by a student’s parent?  Lawyers—have you been verbally abused by opposing counsel?   If so, you might enjoy reading Footnote 7 in a recent federal court decision in which the court highlights some of the things written by Mr. Luo, the parent of a student with a disability and the plaintiff, representing himself, in multiple, MULTIPLE lawsuits. I think that when you read Footnote 7 you will likely conclude that whatever you have endured, it could have been worse.  Here are some examples:

  • “Can [name of judge] cite a law to prove that [said judge] is not an idiot.”
  • “The court from time to time demonstrates judicial proceeding is a**h*** parade.”
  • “We do not need to trash the court. The court trashes itself.”
  • “If the matter is made known to the other attorneys or the public, people may die laughing at those stupid law clerks and judges.”
  • “[Name of attorney] is human trash, just lying all he can lie. Let us laugh at this stupid and shameless attorney.”
  • “It is a great honor that Plaintiff has presented the question to the Third Circuit multiple times, ‘whether bombing the court or shooting judges as shooting animals is a holy mission to counter b***s*** and corrupt judicial system?’  In this society, self-defense is not enough. Eventually it is a society of self-judgment.  Bomb! Bomb! Bomb! Shoot!  Shoot!  Shoot! Bomb! Bomb! Bomb! Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! That should happen in this land because that is nature.”

The court described Mr. Luo as a “serial filer” who has filed multiple suits over alleged violations of IDEA.  “Nearly every time Mr. Luo is met with a binding decision he does not like, he files a new complaint under a new docket.”  These filings have been largely unsuccessful, and in this case the court patiently explains in 16 pages why the court chose to dismiss the latest three complaints:

Mr. Luo’s blatant disrespect towards Defendants and the Court, and the lack of ethics and common courtesy in his filings have damaged his credibility.

No kidding.  Sheesh. 

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