New Acronym, Folks!! DPL!!

DPL was a new one for me.  You?  Maybe it’s just a California thing.  In any event, a school in California issued a DPL (Disruptive Parent Letter) to Misty Camfield, requiring her to get permission from the principal 24 hours prior to any visit to the campus.  As often happens when a school does something like this, singling out a particular parent, the parent takes exception. This parent sued the district, alleging that she was being unfairly retaliated against. 

Nope.  The court held that the DPL was a reasonable regulation, and not an act of retaliation. Key Quote:

Merely being required to make an appointment one day in advance to enter an elementary school campus does not produce an injury or harm forbidden by federal law, particularly when future advocacy is not banned.

You must be wondering what prompted the school to issue a DPL.  According to the court, Ms. Camfield had used foul language on campus, directly insulting a teacher’s aide, and calling the principal a “f______ bitch” in a classroom in the presence of Ms. Camfield’s husband and a teacher.

That kind of thing. 

The case of Camfield v. Board of Trustees of Redondo Beach USD, was decided by the 9th Circuit in an unpublished decision on September 18, 2019.  We found it on Special Ed Connection at 75 IDELR 59.


Tomorrow: the public school did not do well, but the private school was no improvement