Lots going on this week….

We’re Zooming with the Dawg this Friday!! Free for all Loyal Daily Dawg Subscribers.  Be there at 10:00a.m.!  We’ll be talking about SB 3—the revised bill about the teaching of social studies.  You might want to invite the chair of your social studies department!

Our law firm is offering two webinars this week, which provide a great opportunity to get some up to date, practical training in a cost effective way.  Here they are:

September 14 (tomorrow!)  Student Free Speech after Mahanoy

This will be a lively discussion led by Haley Turner and Wesley Nute on the fallout from the SCOTUS decision this year about the cheerleader in Pennsylvania who carpet bombed Snapchat with F-bombs.  SCOTUS held that it was wrong for the local school officials to suspend her from the cheerleading squad.  This is a major decision involving the interplay of the First Amendment, social media, and extracurricular activities.  What does it mean going forward?  As Loyal Daily Dawg Readers know (see Daily Dawg for September 2) we already have one reported court case after Mahanoy involving off-campus drinking by a volleyball player.  You might want to invite your coaches and sponsors to get in on this webinar.  It starts at 10:00 and it’s not too late to sign up.  Go to www.walshgallegs.com and click on Events.

September 15: Let’s Recover from COVID! The Latest on Compensatory Services, Parent-Elected Grade Repetition and Other Legal Side Effects from COVID-19.  

That’s certainly a topic of the day! The webinar will be led by Paula Maddox Roalson and Christina Henshaw.  They will bring you up to speed with how the new legislation on these topics is playing out, including any changes from the special session of the legislature. As usual, the focus will be on practical application.  It starts at 10:00, and you can sign up as noted above at www.walshgallegos.com/events

While Paula and Christina are hosting this webinar, I will be at Region 7 for my first IN PERSON Back to School Program! Looking forward to the opportunity to spend the day with the folks from Behind the Pine Cone Curtain, as we explore all of the new legislation and all of the important court cases that will impact your school year.

Then on Friday it’s time to Zoom with the Dawg!  Open and free to all Loyal Daily Dawg Subscribers.  See you there!


Got a question or comment for the Dawg?  Let me hear from you at jwalsh@wabsa.com

Tomorrow: Toolbox Tuesday!!