Let’s improve services to emergent bilingual students.

Zooming with the Dawg is this Friday at 10:00! Hope to see you there as we review what the legislature did.  Lots to talk about!

The legislature passed three laws designed to improve our services to students for whom English was not the first language learned.  SB 2066 requires that we change our terminology.  Out with “limited English proficiency.”  The new term is “emergent bilingual student.”

We need more teachers. And so SB 560 calls for TEA to work with higher education and the Workforce Commission on a strategic plan with tangible goals to produce more bilingual teachers, increase the number of dual language programs, educate families and school employees on the importance of bilingual education in early childhood, and adopt a uniform process for identifying and monitoring progress for students with “limited English proficiency.”  This bill continues to use the term LEP. Someone needs to tell SB 560 about SB 2066. 

Some emergent bilingual students have special needs.  So HB 2257 bill requires SBEC to develop a certification for bilingual teachers of students with disabilities.


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