Law Firm now offering Consolation Services!

Scrolling through recently I came across a story about a school board meeting in which the board would be considering renewing its contract with the Walsh Gallegos Law Firm. The story said that this would enable the district to obtain certain “consolation services” for a set fee. 

I’m sure the reporter meant to say “consultation” services, but the typo got me thinking: maybe this is something our clients would benefit from!  I brought it back to the firm for consideration and it was warmly embraced.  We are, after all, an unusually compassionate, kind-hearted and generous group of badass lawyers.

So I’m pleased to let you know that the Walsh Gallegos firm now offers an additional service: CONSOLATION.  Consider the possibilities:

*The STAAR scores went down;

*The football team sucks;

*Your family cat died;

*Four of your board members hate the other three, and the three hate the four;

*Membership in the group of four and the group of three changes every week;

*You are just sick and tired of being sick and tired of 2020.

We have Consoling Lawyers standing by, ready to take your call and offer CONSOLATION.  We have obtained extensive training on this from Recognized Experts.  Some of the lawyers in the firm took to this easily, while the litigators were slow learners.  But we are all there now.  We now know how to look into your eyes with deep sympathy, to utter wordless noises that convey our sincere concern for your well-being.  You will see our heads incline at exactly the right diagonal to indicate without words: “we hear you, we care.”

Check it out.  Our hourly rates for this new service are….well….they may lead to a need for further Consolation. But we can handle that also.